• Merry Christmas

    Galante Food propose: baskets full of delicious Italian foods of excellence and high quality!
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  • Food Gluten free

    Are you a Bar, Hotel, Restaurant or distributor? You're a baker or a special shop? Our products represent a complete offer for the gluten-free sector Read More
  • Excellence & Tradition

    Sale of typical Italian artisanal selected specifically to make you celebrate "the dish of excellence" of Italian culinary tradition. Read More
  • Colle d'Oro Marmalades

    Colle d'oro. Love and dedication, born of the true delights genuine and natural. Handmade with fruit grown using traditional methods with minimal environmental impact. Read More
  • The art of Italian Eating

    We contribute to export the Italian kitchen style with artisanal products selected with the greatest care by masters of the culinary tradition. Read More
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Culinary Products of Local Italian "handicraft" Made in Italy

  • Food Gluten Free

    Food Gluten Free Celiac: What to eat if you suffer from celiac disease
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  • Pasta & Rice

    Marketing of pasta made of durum wheat semolina and egg bronze extruded. Specialties of the Italian cuisine. Made in Italy
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  • Cold Cuts & Sausage

    The typical Italian best known of our land are MEATS and sausages in general. Specialties of the Italian cuisine. Made in Italy
    Read More
  • Cream Salty

    Creams Salt Crafts Made in Italy products without preservatives & sauces. Specialties of the Italian cuisine. Made in Italy
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  • Sweet Creams

    Creams Sweets Spreads & Crafts Made in Italy in extra virgin olive oil. Appetizer spreads also on bruschetta. Made in Italy
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  • Italian Specialties

    Italian specialties, honey, salt, traditional Italian sauces. The excellence of Italian cuisine
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  • Biscuits

    Warm cookies and light, symbol of made in Italy that makes history. Over a century of history, an unbreakable bond with typical Made in Italy
    Read More
  • Italian Jam

    Jams and Jams Handcrafted Made in Italy products without preservatives. Specialties of the Italian preserves. Local produc
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  • Cheese

    Our suppliers are artisan dairies that produce ripened cheeses and regional products. Typical of Made in Italy
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  • Fruit Juice

    They are all handmade products without preservatives. In addition, we offer fruit juices and organic juices with no added sugar
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  • Wine

    Outside the logic of certifications winemakers natural undertake not to use neither chemical nor in the vineyard to the cellar.
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  • Vegetable oil

    From artichokes to peppers and sour, from dried tomatoes with eggplant in jars, any vegetable is suitable for storage in oil
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Galante Food

Export typical Italian Food
The best artisanal Italian Food

Galante Ltd., is engaged in the marketing in Italy and abroad, including the organization of Trade Missions to B2B Meetings (Outcoming/Incoming).

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Italian Excellence

Typical Products
Gastronomical Excellence

The Italian cuisine in our country is extraordinarily varied, because it is made also small regional excellence, poorly known at the international level but which they are proud of the small towns that produce them. What do we do? We combine .. Manufacturers and Consumers.

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Foreign Markets
Sale Typical products of Italian Food

La Galante Food has a network of about 30 artisan producers. We help teachers Artisans to keep the values of a great tradition and grow doing promote and sell their products in the foreign market.

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Improve your Business

Italian gastronomy
Improvement and Growing

The ability to respond to changes market, such as the national competition - and globalization, has increasingly become a source of competitive advantage for a company that wants to emerge and maintain its market position.

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